Monday, August 11, 2008

I have a kindergartener!!!!

Wow...I can't believe Oakley is almost 6 and in kindergarten now!
I'm getting old! :)

He was SOOO about going to school! We had a count-down calendar going for a few weeks that he would cross out as soon as he woke up. The morning before school he got to meet his teacher. It started at 9, but at 6:15, he was in my room waking me up asking if we could go right now! Then we waiting in the chair in my room, quietly, til I woke up at 7:00. We were the 1st ones there and his teacher, Miss Arnold said, " are definitely going to be the tallest one in the class!"
Then the day of school (Wed. August 6th) he just couldn't wait. Too bad he has afternoon kindergarten! I told him we could leave at 11:50, so at 11:40 he stood by the clock and waited the whole 10 minutes, announcing when each minute came. Then at 11:50 I was on the phone and he said, "Okay, Mom...I'll be in the car!" We picked Hannah & Natalie up and when we got there he just ran away from me saying "Bye Mom...bye!" But I kept saying, "I'm still here!"

Anyway...he LOVED it!!!!

Brent Slade in Concert....

Hi everyone! So this is just a sneak peak but we'll have more coming soon...a website and flyers, etc. But for now I need help advertising for this here's a sneak peak of the band. Remember tickets are at and then under "KMLE country country series".

You can check out a few more pics through our photographer Helen (Bounce Productions)....

Hi Grammie & Papa....from Jack Jack!

Just wanted to post a couple cute videos of Jack (& Oakley in one) to say hi to our long (but not) lost Grammie & Papa!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Brent!

Yes, my wonderful, talented, amazing & drop-dead gorgeous husband is turning 31 tomorrow (the 5th)!  Happy Birthday Honey!  The funny thing is that I'm going to have to tell him to check this because I don't think he checks that often!  

And while I'm talking about how talented he is....let me just say in case you haven't heard that he is opening for Lady Antebellum at QCPAC on September 11 with his country band....yes, he has a band and is actually at "band practice" right now!  Lady Antebellum was the #1 new country group this year and I absolutely love them, so this is a huge opportunity!  
So make sure you get tickets and come see the show!