Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Fun!

Brody, Callin, and Jack-Jack....all practicing sitting up at almost 6 months old!
I couldn't be more grateful for such a sweet boy!

Me & Aimee making yummy quiche for our Thanksgiving Brunch!

Silas & Oakley- proudly receiving their Thanksgiving Turkey Trot certificate...we did our own 2 mile run (which I can proudly say that I finished last- out of the people that actually ran the whole thing!)

My cutie bright blue-eyed Jack-Jack, trying to figure out crawling!

After the run....looking a little scraggly....but always having fun with cousin Ava!

Yea! I LOVE Thanksgiving! It was so fun to have all of our family over for Thanksgiving. We had the Packard clan in the morning for our own Turkey Trot, brunch, badminton, and horse rides. And then the Slade bunch came over in the afternoon for a wonderful Thanksgiving feast! I actually got to use my china for the first time ever! Then we ended the day with a fun game of RISK with Chris & Katy, Ben & Emily, and me & Brent. And I'm proud to say that after Brent fell asleep and Ben & Emily left, I finally won a game!

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We had such a fun Halloween this year! We went to our ward carnival the night before and played games and did a trunk-or-treat. Then on Halloween, Oakley and Livi got to wear their costumes to school, and then we had a fun cousin night at Wally & Debbie's. Oakley was Wolverine (from X-Men...which he hasn't even seen...he just liked the claws!) Livi is a princess (which was the completely wrong costume for her!) She wouldn't wear the crown or the earrings and hated putting the dress on and having her hair done! Maybe I'll just stick witht he cowgirl costume every year! Jackson is either a cow or a dalmation....you pick! Either way, he's a cutie!

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