Friday, November 13, 2009

Some Memorable Fall Moments...

Thanksgiving at Brent's parents. Debbie knows how to set one beautiful table!
Creative Days around the house!

Oakley & his flag football team (the Dirt Devils)- coached by his own dad & uncles won the championship! It was such a fun season!
With his best friend, Kobe Mott.
The cousins....Oakley, Ethan, Austin & Hayden (maybe in the wrong order!)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Halloween

Some memorable Halloween moments!.....

My Aunt Trice come to visit us & see Aimee's new baby Luke!
Jack taking a full step backward- totally scared by this guy's painted face!
Some fine young men!
Jackson pushed his stroller for at least 30 minutes!
But we started out this way...
Joshie looking THRILLED!!!
Isaac (looking like the boy in "A Christmas Story" when he tried on his pink bunny suit!)
and Oakley, Lindy, Jack, Eliza & Livi
"Bumblebee" the good Transformer
An adorable tiger!
She is QUITE the cheerleader!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Just When I Thought I Was Over You!"....

Okay- so that's a line from one of my all-time favorite songs....who knows that!?

So, yes, just when you thought I was completing giving up on the blogging world............
I bring you.............

A POST! :)

So buckle up & prepare yourself for a journey back through time (or at least through the last 6 months when I've just been lazy and haven't blogged!)

So for my 1st blog back, I had to document how ADORABLE my sweet Livi was today-singing the National Anthem with Brent- in front of her entire school + parents for a special Veteran's Day program! She wasn't the least bit nervous. In fact, she knew just how to give them her cute little smile & make them love her.

Sorry for the jittery camera (like mother like daughter)....I was trying to get her to sing loud at times...while operating the camera....not recommended!


(I also LOVE the proud teacher in the background mouthing the words!)