Monday, August 6, 2007

Brent's 30th!

Brent's only request for his birthday is that I actually make him a homemade cake- that's pretty sad, huh!? So (with Debbie and Katy's help), he got a yummy Hawaiian chocolate-banana cake!

It was a fun luau with yummy Hawaiian food and fun decorations. And Sheri & mom even helped me make some homemade ice favorite!

We had some Polynesian dancers come (a surprise to Brent) and it was definitely the highlight of the evening! We had Sadie Salima and her husband and friend come. They gave a wonderful performance, taught the boys the Haka, the girls how to hula, and even performed an amazing fireknife dance!

That would be me, Mindy, Katy, Annie, and Ali- trying to do the hula!

Then we ended the night with some swimming and watching a video of Brent's 30 years that my friend Lauren helped me make on a mac! I've definitely moving on with the next generations...macs, blogs, you name it!

Ali was definitely our best-dressed flower child!

And Curtis won the award for starting "Happy Birthday" more than any other time at any other party! (And everyone felt obligated to join in each time!)

Faith and Tim

For Brent's 30th b-day, his best friend, Scott Hastings bought us tickets to the Faith Hill & Tim McGraw concert at the Glendale Arena. We went Friday, August 3rd with Scott and his new wife, Katie, and our friends from Utah, Junior and Rachel Langi.

Even though our seats were up high & Junior and Rachel sat in great seats down low :), we had so much fun! Hoever, I was worried the whole time about Jackson, because it was the first time I've left him. But luckily he has Aunt Ali and Aunt Annie as babysitters, so he was just fine!

These are our friends, the Langi's that came and stayed with us, August 1st-5th. He served in Brent's mission. They have a five year old girl, Tayah, who is the most beautiful person ever and I want Oakley to marry her- and then a 2 year old boy, Jonah, and this baby, David.

Potato Lake

We had such a fun week camping up at Potato Lake! I haven't been there since I was a little girl, so it was so fun to go back and see the same exact spot we camped out when we were kids. Recognize the cave in back, fam? But of course, it wasn't the same because I just couldn't do a tent. :) I mean, come on, with a newborn and rain every day, can you expect that out of me!?

We went up Thursday, July 26th with all my neighbors on my street and Aunt Annie came with us with baby Callin. She was home alone, so we talked her into coming. The kids had so much fun and we all rode 4-wheelers and our Ranger around all the time. Even Oakley was getting good at it! We went up to the lake one day, had smores one night and even had a big dance fest! We were going to stay til Sunday, but due to non-stop rain pouring down on us all day Saturday, we decided to leave Saturday night. It was such a fun trip!