Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Highlights of Christmas

OK- so this is SO sad that my LAST pictures on my blog are from LAST Christmas! Wow! What happened to me this year?! :)

So I'm not going to commit to blogging the year of 2010, but I will try to do a FEW highlights of the year gradually! :)

So here is December....

Out to eat with the Slade Ladies for Jessica's b-day!

He didn't get the bike- just a new helmet & horn & he's as happy as a clam!

Livi & her best friend Grace with their matching dolls!

Getting ready for Santa & ALL 9 Reindeers!!!

The Nativity with the "Ben & Emily's" & the "Brent & Emily's"
(notice the oh-so-reverent Livi!)

At Jack & Livi's Music Performance for "Performing Pals" at the QC Library...

I LOVE my kids!!!

This was our last family photo shoot....back at the end of November with the beautiful fall leaves of the pecan trees in Queen Creek. And beautiful kids to go with them!