Tuesday, October 2, 2007


What a fun weekend Brent and I had up at Conference! Neither of us have been since we've been married, so we thought we'd go up with just our little Jack-Jack who was only 4 months old! This was the beginning of October and usually it's not too cold that weekend up in Utah. I thought I was totally prepared with my little cotton jacket. But Mother Nature always has surprises up her (or His?) sleeve! It was only 38 degrees for the high the first day; 20 degrees below normal! ...freezing cold rain when we went to and from conference on Saturday!
Man, I love Arizona!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Eager in September

Sorry I'm not posting this until November, but that's only because it was the end of September, and all of October was filled with pain from my kidneys! (I had surgery October 19th to get another nasty stone out that I tried to pass for a whole month...just in case you didn't know!)

Anyway- so it all started in Eager. We went up- just our little fam- September 20th. We had such a nice relaxing time. Oakley wanted to play baseball every minute with Brent. And Olivia loved exploring outside. The weather was beautiful- we couldn't have asked for anything better! It all ended a day early, though, when we decided to leave at 9:00 at night when I realized the stone was coming. Of course, I thought we could hurry home and then I'd pass it.....I'd never have thought it'd take another month and a surgery to get it out!