Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's a MIRACLE.....I'm back!

Okay, I know it's been FOREVER since I've blogged last! 
I almost just gave it up completely, through a crazy move & a 1st trimester of being pregnant sick (yes- I'm prego in case you didn't notice my fat belly!)   But I've made it through and here I am!

So, we are just going to start at the most recent happenings & gradually I will work my way backwards!  :) is EASTER Sunday!  I LOVE getting my kids matching clothes for fun!

My handsome little 22 month old!  I can't believe he's almost 2!
We haven't quite perfected that "naturally" beautiful smile with Olivia!
Oakley always wears a white shirt & tie, so he was a little concerned 
this wasn't good enough for Sunday......he's such a good boy!)
(Jackson just loves messing up his hair!.....sure love that!)

Our Rainy Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter Saturday was a fabulous day in Arizona!  It started out by ruining our Easter egg hunt plans in the morning by pouring rain when we woke up.  (But we were okay with it because it was so beautiful....and we knew this was probably the last of the nice weather before the 100 degree weather hit...which is just did!)

So we postponed the party til late in the afternoon when the rain had stopped & it was just beautiful!  We had the Slade family over for the egg hunt & a nice little barbecue.  
It was so fun to have the Easter egg hunt in our new 3 1/2 acre yard.  There was plenty of room for all the grandkids to spread out & really "hunt" instead of just see them all instantly.  
We are sure loving our new house!  (Well....mostly the land!)  :)

Then we finished our Easter night off by sitting around our "fire pit" in the back corner of our yard because it was FREEZING!!!  But we had a nice discussion about resurrection followed by Newell's unforgettable dive/fall/roll.  Thank you Newell!

Jack didn't care about collecting the eggs....he just wanted to stop and open 1 and a time & then eat what was inside!

Ethan, Oakley, hmmmm...Austin & Hayden?, Cade....where was Wesley?
Livi, Hannah, Daisy, & Jennie holding Elli Belly!

SpRiNg at the new house

We move at the PERFECT time!  
It was the beginning of March & beautiful weather.
Our new house has 13 fruit trees in the front yard, that we are so excited, peach, pear, plum, & maybe cherry?  They are all little, but hopefully will give us a little in return for all the hours of irrigation Brent has worked on in the middle of the night.

We also got 10 new baby chicks in March, and of course...Jackson almost killed one, bringing it to the house by only it's neck.  It's a miracle it survived!
Here are some pictures around our beautiful yard
 of grass, small trees & our nasty "back porch" full of sand, weeds, sun, and...of course, no actually porch or concrete....just a good old carpet remnant!