Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mom Rocks!

I have (literally) the best mom in the whole world.  
I have missed her SO much over the last 3 years while she's been in Africa, 
but she will soon be home to be my mommy!

Here are some wonderful things she taught me growing up....

Home Birth is the best!  (she pretty much delivered me herself)
Have all your kids while you are young and cute!  (I didn't follow that one too well....and she still had Annie after this!)

She taught me how to ride a bike without training wheels (i usually leave that to Brent!)
She taught me about the church (our trip back east to church history sights)
.... some people, namely Ali, looked absolutely thrilled!

She taught me the joy of Rocky Point Mexico!
She was supportive in every thing I did (academic night).
She taught me to cook (although I still can't make pizza!)
She taught me to be frugal & cut my own kids hair.
(And how to never let my hair be again- hers & mine!)
She let me have adventures (to Europe after I graduated from high school with friends!)

And SO much more!
Happy Mother's Day!