Monday, October 27, 2008

Haircuts & Parties!

So it was just a wonderful weekend....I love Fall!

I decided to chop my hair off on Thursday (many thanks to my friend Julie who coaxed me into it!) and to my wonderful hairstylist- the one and only Jill Ann LeSueur Chipman! She's the best!

But we chopped a good 5-6 inches, so it was scary- but I do love it! It's kind of a choppy a-line cut- LOVE it! And it's so easy to do!
Friday we went to a rockin' Redneck Halloween party- which was totally awesome, but sorry, I'm not going to post those pictures for the whole world to see! It's just too nasty!
And Saturday we had Grandma Packard with us for the day. It's so good to have her down here...and it was so great to have her help me with my laundry all day! Then that night we had a fun street family Halloween party at the John's house. It was a blast! The kids LOVED the haunted house in their garage & they had a fun bounce house & a pumpkin carving contest. It was just perfect for the kids and a fun night for us!
Livi went through the haunted house once and they accidentally got some fake blood on her sleeve. So when she came out she had this horrified look on her face and she said, "Mom! I broke my arm.........but it doesn't hurt!?"

(Anakin from Star Wars, Gramma, Tinkerbell, the Disco Queen, & Jack the Pumpkin!)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

fUn aRouNd tHe hOuSe!!!

I just have to document my favorite part of every day.....when daddy "comes home". Technically he is home a lot, since he works here!....but when he's really done with work he "mentally" comes home! And that's the best!
And then there's my cutie pie- Livi Loo. We chopped her hair off! Ahhhh! I was so nervous to do it but it looks so much better. It was just getting way too long and she hates for me to do her hair anyway, so it's much easier! And she LOVES it! It's a-line in the back and way I'm tempted to do mine!!!!???

Here's a BEFORE shot, and a classic picture of her attitude as a 4 year old!


And Jackson loves Livi's bean bag. He drags it around the house, to where he thinks might be a comfortable resting spot for a few moments....and then he's up and going again!

And this picture just had to make the cut. He actually took this himself- probably as the camera was falling to the that is my kitchen ceiling!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jack's Talents...

Who me!?.....couldn't be!?

Yeah....he's a stinker! He always climbs up on the counter...but this time he had a purpose. He loves cookies, but mostly just the filling in the middle. Why is every child the same!?

I love these lemon cream cookies....they remind me of Grandma Ferrin's cookie jar (she was like a grandma to me growing up!)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Jack loves anything that has wheels on it. He loves his little push car, LOVES going on walks in the morning in the stroller (the only time he doesn't make any noise), and loves trying to get on big kid bikes. So now he's found the scooter...which of course he can't do on his own- so his very helpful and kind brother always is there to teach him the ropes!