Sunday, July 15, 2007

Eager in July

We went up to the Slade cabin on July 2nd and stayed for 4 days. It couldn't have been more beautiful up there. We even found this little creek on the way up to Big Lake. We rode the horses around the creek and even found very fresh animal bones all over the place! They even had some blood on them still and the 3 boys (Carter(Callie's), Oakley, and Ethan(Newell's)) all thought that was the coolest thing ever! Notice the spine behind them...gross!

Could she be any cuter? I know...I shouldn't say that since she's my own, but I can't help it!

With her best friend, Hannah, riding Franklin- or "Fwankwin" as she would say!

Definitely not afraid of fact, I kept finding her over under the horses, all by herself, petting their tails. It's a miracle she's never been drastically hurt!


4th of July- Eager Parade!

The 4th of July is not complete without a small-town parade like the one in Eager! Make sure you get to Main street at least 24 hours before to mark your spot with a chair or you'll have to sit in the sun!

This year was special because Olivia got to ride with Daddy on Grandpa's horse, and her best buddy and cousin Hannah rode with Aunt Katie on the other horse. They had so much fun and had the cutest red leather boots and a patriotic vest made by Grandma!

Olivia's 3rd B-day

Olivia is finally 3 and the cutest 3 year old ever! We were up at the cabin in Eager (like we usually are) for her birthday, but it was the best one yet! We had a cute pinata full of little toys and she got some horsies (or course), some dress of things and some dolly play things. And her favorite was her cute horsie cake, made especially for her by Safeway! :)

Jackson's Blessing, July 1st 2007

Brent decided on our 3rd baby to try an "at home" blessing since we already had an "at home" birth! It couldn't have been better. We had wonderful family and friends there to support little Jack Jack! From our family we had Grandpa Slade, Curtis, Dagen, Ben, Chris, and Toby. And a few of Dad's friends participated as well...Aaron Ballard, Scott Hastings, and Mike Kelly. It was a beautiful blessing!