Sunday, September 9, 2007

Brent's new do!

So I bought some new buzzers....thinking, "Hey these are nice....they don't have those attachments anymore- it's just they've got to be easy!" Lo and behold....this is what happened. The blade wasn't quite on all the way, so the very first cut, cut the deepest! Yes, that was less than a "1", so we had to practically bic his head!
Poor least it has grown back within 2 weeks!

I figured maybe I better put some pictures of us on here too and not just our kids! So this is from this weekend, the 7th, when we went with Wally and Debbie, & Chris and Katy to our favorite restaurant in the world...Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Nothing is better in the whole world to me than their ravioli as an appetizer, the felite, and then their creme brulee as dessert! Ahhh! And they even let us bring Jackson since he was being a stinker that day and I didn't want to leave him with a babysitter. Man, I love that place!


Our little newborn is suddenly becoming the cutest little infant ever!
This is when he really started smiling...around 2 months. Notice how skinny he is! His cousins, Brody and Cal both completely dwarf him already. He definitely long, but he's just so skinny! Just like his daddy was as a baby!
Livi just loves her little brother! Although she has tried to pick him up (and dropped him before)...she still is a big helper!

This is Jack-Jack on September 6th- just over 3 months old. He has the cutest little smile and the biggest blue eyes! He's a keeper!

All About Livi

Well, I had to dedicate a whole entry to all of her cute pics!
This first one is my favorite! She started a jazz/tap/tumbing class at a little dance place right around the corner her and she loves it! She takes with her little friend Ellie Baker every Monday morning for an hour. The footless tights are my favorite!

Then there is the cutest pictures of our family scripture study and prayer. She just bought these "shark" goggles and insists on wearing them all the time!

And, though I was mad at Brent at the moment for taking this picture during our family prayer, it just has to be shared. Call it sacreligious, but it's just the cutest of her saying a prayer! Brent insists it was okay just because they have pictures of it in other church things! :) But don't worry, we won't keep doing that!

And last but not least is her ghetto outfit she likes to wear.... She got this D-backs hat at a game with Brent, and then the rest is her Halloween outfit from last year that obviously doesn't fit! :)

Oakley is 5!

Brent took Oakley to see the movie "Transformers" about a month ago, and ever since, Oakley knew he wanted to have a Transformers party! We swam and had pizza, presents, and cake and ice cream! It was so much fun!

And of course, Brent wanted me to make a "real" cake for him for his birthday. So after searching for days and days to find a Transformers shaped cake pan, I came to the conclusion that I was going to have to do it this is what I came up with....notice the "Transformers" style of writing and the 4 transformers in the corners! I'm so proud of myself!

Michael Kelly, Oakley, Caden Bluth, Dawson (and Gavin was there) VandeVoorde, Scout (and Ryder was there) Lines, McKoy Kelly, Braeden Baker, and Malachi Kelly