Monday, July 28, 2008

I LOVE my kids!

As you can kids are my life!
(And don't worry....I don't usually bathe Oakley with them- but I just had to get that same shot that Mom did of Josh & Aimee when they were little!)....I used lots of bubbles!
This shows you how organized and mathmatical Oakley is. This started as playing "store" where he'd line up all the toys and his friends could come buy something from him!
This is one of his best friends Rider Lines....what a great kid. I want pretty blue eyes....not fair...
Ranger rides in Eager on a beautiful day...

My cutie pie...little Jack Jack!

I just have so many cute pics of Jack that I thought I'd dedicate this to my little boy
who is growing up so fast! Don't show this to Grandma Packard!!!
This is the Slade land in Eager....notice the cabin in the background....beautiful!
Yep....that's his namesake....a serious cowboy from Eager!
His favorite pastime!
His meadow....
He was hysterically laughing from the rain!
He loves the garage....especially the Ranger!
Daddy's Boy!

Friday, July 25, 2008

A month of Eager Days...

So, we have had a wonderful summer. Swimming every day, swim lessons in June, and going to Eager 3 times! Whew...lots of crazy drives in the car! I think I was insane half of the time!

We 1st went up to Big Lake in June, just for a day of camping with our friends Connie & Aaron Allen. It was so much fun! We even set the tent up - just for a few hours- and then decided that we weren't even going to spend the night! least the kids had fun putting it up! But we really did have a fun day. Oakley had a little fishing time that he was hoping for (we don't do much in our family!) And we had a fun night around the fire telling scary stories (again....that was on Oakley's to-do list!)

We drove in our ranger 10 miles one day to Black River, where we had fun playing in the water. Unfortunately, Livi fell asleep and missed the whole thing! (He nose was covered with dirt!)
And then there was our traditional 4th of July in Eager! We actually went up to Eager on the 3rd, basically as Livi's birthday present since she loves it so much! Seriously...there is no where else she'd rather be....up there riding the horses all day!

The trailer in the back ground was my home for 9 days of July! (Thanks to Aunt Kathy!)

The Eager parade!'s a dewsy!

I couldn't find Jackson one day....and then this is where I found him!
I hope we don't have a NASCAR fan in the making!?

The cousins that came up....

Carter, Oakley, Hannah, Luke, Livi, Daisy, Jennie & Jack

And then our 3rd adventure up there was July 16th-20th for a fun Allen Family Reunion (Debbie & her three sisters). I went up with Callie & the kids while Brent was at Geronimo for a whole week as Scoutmaster. That drive up was apsolutely insane! But then Brent came to Eager for the last 2 days...yea! Man....I really missed him after a whole week of being gone. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

So we went camping with the whole Allen crew up Water Canyon in Eager. It was BEAUTIFUL! But the 3rd & 4th day it rained....still beautiful, but it got awfully chilly!
Saturday was a game day....Mom, you would have been in heaven!

The kids played this donut game & a water bucket game and the adults played badmitton & horseshoes. And I am so pround of myself! I made it to the semi-finals- the only female! But unfortunately it was against Brent so he kicked my trash!
And Jack found his little "meadow" that he would escape to where the weeds were as tall as him...but he loved it! And he loved taking horse rides each day. I think he's going to be just like Livi with the horses.

Anyway....we love Eager! It's the best!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Livi is 4!!!

So Olivia had a fun 4th birthday! We got her a bike (finally...she's just used Oakley's old boy bike but never liked it!) She loved it.....a Disney princess bike & she especially loves having her own little water bottle that goes with it!

We had a My Little Pony party with her friends & she had so much fun!