Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He is in a better place....

Hi everyone,

Wow.....I didn't realize that my very last post was to ask for help for my dear friend Lorin, and now I am here to ask for more help, in a different way. His family needs prayers.

My dear friend Lorin passed away last night, after a few very difficult months of fighting cancer. They literally told him just one day before that there probably wasn't any more hope, and that they were going to be sending him home with hospice. And then, as soon as Heavenly Father could, he relieved him of his pain and brought him home to him.

I was so sad yesterday, thinking of his poor family, his poor parents who have this trial to endure, but I am so happy he is in a better place. On Sunday he got to be set apart as an Elder, and I know Elder Merkley will be preaching the gospel in heaven.

On our trek, and just in his life in general, his nickname was Lorin "The Magnificent" Merkley- and he truly was. For him to be taken back to his Heavenly Father so early in his life, he must have truly been a magnificent young man. He was ready.

I think of our Stake Youth Trek motto and know it will apply to Lorin's life....
"The Legacy Continues"

I love you Lorin and I will miss you!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My friend needs HELP...

Hi everyone....

You may have heard, and you may know him, but one of my dearest friends, who is like a son to me....Lorin enduring through cancer right now, and all the trials that come with that. He was my "son" on our stake youth trek back in March of this year, where we came to love him and care so much for him. He was all ready to go on his mission when he found out about his cancer.

He has been fighting cancer for a couple months now and his family is in need of help.

They are selling Gold Canyon candles (which I know we all LOVE) to raise money for his medical bills. If they raise $2500 by November 22nd, they will give half of it to the Merkley's, who desperately need it.

So PLEASE....this is a good cause, and it's a wonderful time of year to buy one of these wonderful candles- for yourself or for a Christmas present.

You can see more at Lorin's blog .......

Or you can order directly through Josie Penrod at or 987-3210.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Brent with Lorin on the far right

Sunday, November 2, 2008

October 31st!!!

What a wonderful time of the year! I LOVE's my 2nd favorite holiday, next to Christmas of course! We had such a fun time going to our ward Halloween party at the Bowman's and then going to Newell and Jessica's house for the Slade Halloween get together after.....and of course, we mostly go so we can do the annual Slade Ugly Face contest. So if you are wondering what those pictures are in the slide- yes- those are not how they normally look. I'm so proud to have married into a family that is so good at making fun of themselves! :) Enjoy the slideshow! (put mouse on each picture for a little caption)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Silly Livi!

A couple weeks ago I freaked out and couldn't find Livi anywhere when we came home to a babysitter. But don't worry- I finally found her behind our couch in the family just sound asleep!The kids love our wigs we've used for past Halloweens, but this is especially great! This is Livi with her next-door neighbor friend, Zach Ballard. This kind of reminds me of my mom and dad- 1972? Was that the year you had a mullet dad!? :)

A self portrait! Just a cute picture of her today during Stake Conference (while she was in the nursery playing at the end!)