Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday tomorrow Callie!!!

And last but not least I have my beautiful sister-in-law's birthday tomorrow....Callie Bradshaw!
Callie's turning 28 on the 25th!!!!

She is so amazing! It's so fun to have a sister in law that I have old connections with!
We knew each other growing up and had so many fun times just being silly.

Seriously....we were a little weird!

There was the Babysitters Club (we made up), our Beastie Girls club, the weird "code" words we would make us, like kawinkidink....?....., and then countless summers swimming and eating bean burritos and Debbie's homemade bread, and watching (every other day) "Watcher in the Woods" or "Bates Motel".....

Maybe that's why I don't like scary movies now!?'s to all those fun days! And yes, Cindy was there through them all too!

Is this a little weird that I would just sit there a watch Callie talking on the phone (probably to boys) and just take pictures of her!?

Love you Callie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday Ali!!!

Wow....! Ali is the big 3-0 today!!!!!!! are getting up there! But the funny thing would never know!

Ali is so beautiful skinny and young! And will always be young at heart!

Yep.....she's in Australia right there!
I love you Ali and miss you! You better come and visit soon!

Thanks for all the fun memories growing up!
I remember reading in the my journal one day that my goal was to be more spontaneous....just like my sister Ali! I don't know if I'll ever catch up with her on that one though!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Annie!!!!!!

The 3 Musketeers!

Ali, Annie & me(above)....i'm the middle girl and I loved it!

SO I have the BEST sisters in the world...!

Annie's birthday is May 23rd, Ali's birthday is May 24th, and Callie's is May this is dedicated to them!

So 1st off....... sweet Annie Packard Lewis!
She is the big 2-5!!!!!

Thank you for all the fun memories growing up. We were two peas in a pod....except more like fraternal twins! At least 20 pounds of my weight should go to her!

I love you Annie! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My crazy life....

So it's been a while since I've posted anything so I thought I better just give you the low down on my life! It's been CRAZY!!! (Isn't everyone's May crazy too!?)

So, for starters....I'll give you the good news.........drumroll please............

Oakley got into Ben Franklin!!!!! I am SO happy! I swear I almost started crying when I heard the message! His little friends on the street, Rider Lines & Gavin VandeVoorde were already in for next year, so I'm so happy he'll get to be with them. And then I found out that Hannah (Katy's girl) & Natalie Wendelschafer got in too, so we are all so happy! I just think Oakley really needed the extra push that they give the kids so it will be a good school for him.

Next item of business.....we've had our 15-year-old nephew, Bradley, living with for a couple weeks now & for a couple weeks more. It's been so fun! We really love him. Sure, there's been a few difficult moments but overall...I'm adjusting to the teenage life and enjoying getting to see this flash forward of what my life might be like in 10 years! Newell's his dad and moving to Queen Creek in a couple weeks, and his mom, Kathy, who he has lived with for 9 years in Illinois is also moving here this summer. He wanted to get started at Queen Creek High, which is why he had to live with us. But he's fun & all the girls love him, so it's hilarious!

(Bradley or "Brad" is the one on the right next to Bryan....but he looks even a little cuter now!)


So the next part of my crazy life is my horribly embarrassing moment that happened today. I swear I never remember any embarrassing moments when people ask you one of the spot, but I don't think I'll be able to forget this one!

So my friend...(thank you Tracy!)....sent me (on accident) a link to join so I thought, " won't hurt...I do have my 10 year reunion coming up and then it will be easier for them to find me!" So off I went...just one little click of a button. It has one of the tricky little boxes that if you don't stop it it will ruin your life!!! No...not quite...but it did forward my invitation to join to everyone in my whole contact list. Yes, that was 250 people, many whom I don't even know or remember why they are in there!

But let me tell you, it sure is a good way to clean up your contact list! Suddenly I got like 35 emails back telling me whose email didn't work and then..... the rush came. Yes, I had SO many calls & emails from random people. Grandpa Rob even called me since the email said "I've been trying to contact you"! He was worried that something was wrong! And then there was my urologist who wrote back saying, "Now...who is this and how do I know you!?" And then of course there was Brother Young in my bishopric saying at least he got a good laugh! And last but not least, Oakley's preschool teacher who has Slades as relatives wondering...."wait....when is the Slade reunion!?" Oh BOY!!!! I'm retarded!!! Hi Nancy LeSueur...on your mission in the Phillipines...just wanted you to keep in touch with!

So that was part of my glorious day today...just putting out fires & I'm sure some of them aren't even started yet!


Okay, last by not least is our wonderful health we are having here!

I've been sick pretty much all week. I've had a horrible sore throat & fever so I thought it was strep. But the culture was negative, so after a little research on the Internet...I think I've figured out what it is.....and may you never get it! I think it's called "herpangina"....or basically mouth blisters. I don't know where I got it but it's just wonderful blisters in my throat.

So fun times! Yes, fun times!

And then Jackson's been so sick. He just had a normal cold virus that lasted a long time and then some sleepless nights, and then all of a sudden- boom....his eardrum ruptured on Sunday. So he was happier after that but I felt so bad for him. But now he has this horrible rash that is apparently from the virus too. It is covering his whole body and is thick and red makes him feet and hands totally swollen. So it's so sad...but the doctor said there is nothing I could really give him to make it go away.'s so sad. BUT....we are trying to survive!!!!

Anyway....don't mean to end on a downer...but I just wanted to document this brief glimpse into my normal everyday life!!!! Ha! And sorry if the "blisters" part grossed you out! (That's why I saved it for the end because most of you probably aren't still reading!!!) :)

Anyway...thanks for hanging on to the end..... may none of you ever get herpangina!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

(Mom with the "triplets" Jackson, Brody, & Callin)

I have the most wonderful mother! She is the best and I miss her SO much!

Mom...I hope you have had a wonderful mother's day and know how much we love and miss you here! Here's a little tribute to my mother....but it simply can't explain everything she is...but I'll try.....

Everybody needs someone
That they can call their own.
An example, a leader, a friend called "mom"
That can always be their "home".

She gave me roots, a sure foundation-
Then gave me wings to fly
A steady place to always be
A welcomed place to cry.

But sometimes your home is not nearby
And even when your day is blue
But the most important thing that she's taught me
Is that I can be that someone too.

For a mother to mother passes on
And hopefully the wisdom too
So my hopes and dreams are that someday
I'm a home to my daughter too.

Happy Mother's Day dearest Mom!!!