Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm so dang proud of myself!

For those of you that really know me, you know that I don't sew, I'm not very "crafty" & in fact...I have a wonderful mother-in-law that fulfills these needs! But lo and behold....I finished a project...almost all by myself!

These are Livi's closet doors...and yes, we've been in our house for 9 months now, and finally....they are done!!!! I made them from regular curtains...and with a few new stitches, Debbie making me the cutest tie-backs, & hours and hours of hanging 8 curtain rods...I'm done ...and very proud! Is that okay?
I'm trying not to boast...I really just want my mommy to see how cute her room is now!
Just wanted to give you a little close-up to show Debbie's adorable eyelet ties!

(We don't normally have this huge chair in her room...but we have our friend Betty visiting us from Canada and staying in her room). She has cute horsie fabric with some old horse pictures of our grandpa's on both sides. One of my favorite rooms in the house!

Why can't we live at the beach?

Sometimes I ask myself, "Why can't we live at the beach?" In fact, I did see a couple people that "lived" at the beach, sleeping in the cold air & wind. Then I realized how much I do love Arizona, how much I love the weather here, and how much I love to visit California just once or twice a year! :)
We saw a crazy lady swimming in the water with almost nothing on, dug a big hole, and I ran down the pier, 20 minutes one way, just to get the best shake ever & put the calories back on!

Soaking it all in....

(That's the place I ran to in the background... and when I say "ran" I mean "speed walked"!)

loved it! loved it! loved it!


Brent and I took the kids to San Diego area in January & had the time of our lives!

We went to LegoLand, which honestly, is great for a 1/2 day and only for little kids. So it was perfect for us! Jack gets tired and the other kids get whiny!

The funniest part about this picture is that Oakley really didn't want to take it, but I thought that it was cool! We were waiting for another family to finally get out of the way so we could take our turn, and by the time we were ready, Oakley said, "Let's just go Mom-I don't want to do this." But I insisted! I needed at least one "lego" picture for my LegoLand post!

Livi loved this ride, of course, because it was a horse! But Oakley was seriously bored & ready to move on to the big bad roller coasters ( was mommy!). (Brent can't stand to even watch us on roller coaster because even that makes him sick!)

Oakley was serious business on this ride. As fast as possible, straight turns....had to win.

Livi on the other hand let every one lap her a few times while she zig-zagged around the whole thing....just la-la-la-la....enjoying her sweet little time!

It was a perfect showing of their personalities!